Welcome to Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

Matsusaka Beef Specialty Since 2004

Welcome to Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M



Along with the people

We, RIGHTHOUSE Inc., have been started as a consulting firm of brand marketing in 2000, but the current main business is food industry.
However, I, myself have never had a working experience in food industry, and nor a knowledge at all. Most of my stacked experience was the work to be entrusted with the gimmick to increase the added value of the fashion brand. Such I suddenly, embarked in the management of the YAKINIKU and still having the opportunity to challenge the new business category might be because I have believed in the business attitude that was the corporate philosophy, "Along with the people".
A company is also important to leave a profit. But above it, I believe that the most important thing is the attitude that will stack the "trusted relationship." For this reason, I have kept in mind of the work that does not disappoint a trust in any time. And not to obscure the "can do thing" and "can not do thing", I think because I have continued to keep protect the climate by not determined in profit of “should do thing” and “should not do thing”, so that we have gotten recognized our existence value to everyone.
From now on, we bring together "the power of the people" more than ever; we would like to offer the hearty services and dishes. And also, I would like to strive to enterprise development with pride as a food and beverage industry person in the future.

Yoshiaki Tatsumi : Chairman


Company Name
President, CEO
Yoshiaki Tatsumi
Noritsugu Kurosawa
Company Address
Arute Bld. Higobashi 5F, 1-15-27, Edobori,
Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002, Japan
TEL.06-6446-0347 FAX.06-6446-0348
Date Founded
December 8, 2000
92.8 million yen
Main Business Activities
Restaurant Management
Delivery Bento Box Manufacturing and Sales
Beef Sandwich Manufacturing and Sales
Cookie Manufacturing and Sale
Number of employees
80 (as of December 8, 2015)
The Matsusaka Beef Association
Designated No. 92 of regular member


December 2000
Establishment at Tennoji-ku, OSAKA
Opening of business in consulting and design that specializes in the field of marketing
November 2001
Establishment at Tennoji-ku, OSAKA
Opening of business in consulting and design that specializes in the field of marketing
October 2004
Launch in restaurant business
Open the 1st store of direct management, "Matsusaka Beef Yakiniku M"
in front of Osaka Fukushima Station
December 2004
Relocate its headquarters to Hirano-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
February 2005
Capital increase to 22,000,000 yen
October 2006
Open "Matsusaka Beef Yakiniku M" Hozenji Yokocho branch
September 2007
Capital increase to 61,300,000 yen
October 2007
Capital increase to 71,800,000 yen
Open "Matsusaka Beef yakiniku M" Hozenji Hanare branch
August 2008
Capital increased to 92,800,000 yen
October 2008
Relocate its headquarters to Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
April 2010
Start "Nakanoshima Beef Sand" sales at JR Shin-Osaka Station
November 2010
Start delivery Bento business
April 2012
Open the 1st store of directly management, "Nippon Bar"
February 2013
Start Slow dog business
September 2014
Open Gyu-nabe specialty restaurant "M no Gyu-nabe" at Hozenji
September 2015
Open Yakiniku specialty restaurant "M no Yakiniku" at Dotonbori
September 2015
Open Japanese sake Bar "Sake Bar M300" at Dotonbori
September 2016
Open the 2nd store of Nippon Bar "Sakura no ma" at Osaka Station 4 Building
March 2017
Open the 3rd store of Nippon Bar "HANABI" at Temmabashi
January 2018
Start banquet and restaurant business "Sunhill Kashiwara" at Kashiwara City, Osaka
July 2018
Relocate its headquarters to Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka
September 2018
Open "Matsusaka Beef yakiniku M" Namba branch
December 2019
Open “Eight 8” at Osaka, Umeda
January 2020
Tatsumi Yoshiaki:Assume the office of Chairman, CEO
Noritsugu Kurosawa:Assume the office of President, COO
January 2021
Tatsumi Yoshiaki:Assume the office of Chairman
Noritsugu Kurosawa:Assume the office of President, CEO


We purchase one whole Matsusaka beef and use up without left over, then we offer handy price Matsusaka beef than the others.